I know it may sound a bit cliché, but this application would never have become a reality without the presence (conscious or unconscious) of many people.

Here I list some of them, although there are surely many others:

  • Mireia Delgado, for all the patience you have had with me and for supporting me after all the hours I've had spent on this crazy project. You are my Hathor.

  • PhD. Susana Alegre, for always believing in me and my projects.

  • Pilar Casals, for our long and enrichment conversations about hieroglyphs with a coffee and a notebook.

  • Ernesto Graf, for those conversations about hieroglyphs while walking through the Theban Tombs.

  • Carles Bonfill, for pushing me to become a better programmer.

  • Sílvia Martí, for your help in some "dark magic" areas I know almost nothing about.

  • PhD. Francisco Luis Borrego, for inspiring me with your course about Egyptian art, which led me to create this application.

  • PhD. Peter J. Brand, for your kindness and helpful resources. Social networking at its best.

  • PhD. Jose Lull, for your kindness and for making me want to go further in Egyptology.